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Naked Features

3D Body Model
Explore your unique 3D model with rotate, pinch, and zoom.
Side-by-Side Comparison
See how your body has changed by comparing any two scans
Body Fat %, Lean Mass, Fat Mass
Set a baseline scan and track how your body composition is changing
Track 10 circumferences over time
Data Visualization
Rich graphs and the ability to compare many different metrics over time
4-Up View
See a snapshot of your body from all four sides

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What's in the Box?

Box 1 (small)

Size: 18.5"L x 18.5"W x 6"H
Weight: about 40 lbs.

  • Rechargeable rotating scale
  • Hard floor scale feet
  • Carpet scale feet
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Weighted cover for mirror

Box 2 (large)

Size: 69"L x 17"W x 6.5"H
Weight: about 35 lbs.

  • Body scanning mirror
  • Two stabilizing pins
  • Baseplate for mirror
  • Allen wrench
  • 4 ft grounded power cord

Top FAQ's

What is Naked?
Naked is the world’s first 3D body scanner for your home. It helps visualize your body’s progress so you can stay on track to meet your goals, whatever they are.
How does Naked scan me?
Naked uses Intel® RealSense™ Technology and a process called stereovision to create your body model. The sensors use infrared light in a manner similar to an XBox Kinnect or your TV remote control, and the processor in the mirror stitches together your body model before running proprietary algorithms to extract your measurements and calculate body fat percentage.
How does Naked calculate body fat percentage?
Naked has developed a proprietary body fat algorithm validated against DXA using a combinations of metrics extracted from your scans. We will continue to refine this algorithm and add more data and metrics to improve body fat % accuracy over time.
How does Naked compare to other body fat measurement methods?
Contrary to popular belief, body fat measurement is not, in fact, a measurement. Rather it's an estimation based on assumed constants and often derived from another body fat method. Naked uses a proprietary algorithm that relies on a variety of metrics extracted from your scan to calculate Traditional bioimpedance scales are typically +/-8% accurate to four compartmnet models and can be especially susceptible to factors like skin conductivity and hydration. DXA, typically considered the gold standard, uses x-Ray to measure bone density and body composition with +/- 1% accuracy to higher compartments. Volumetric methods (like hydrostatic weighing and Bodpod) use displaced water or air to measure your body volume, with approximately +/- 1.5% percent accuracy to. Naked uses a proprietary algorithm that relies on a variety of metrics extracted from your scan to calculate body fat with +/- 2.5% accuracy compared to DXA.
How accurate are the 3D body models?
Naked has a depth map accuracy of a 1/10 of an inch.
Is there any way to get scanned now?
If you are interested in getting scanned now, please email us at support@nakedlabs.com
How is Naked powered?
The mirror is designed to be connected to a 110v grounded outlet via a 3-prong grounded cable. The scale is powered by a lithium-ion battery and charged via a USB-C cable that is connected to the base of the mirror.

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